My love of jewellery started when I was six years old. My aunt would sometimes collect me after school and take me to a shop in East London where they sold little plastic adjustable jewelled rings. My eyes would light up at the assortment of coloured gems on display and every other week she would buy me a new ring. They were about 20p at the time and they made me feel like a little princess. From then I discovered how jewellery can make a girl feel-like a million pounds! Fast forward to today; I still love rings and accesorising with jewellery. It was only right that I create a shop selling what I love, inorder to make other women and girls feel like a million pounds. My jewellery doesn't cost the earth because making yourself feel and look good should be affordable to everyone. Browse through our range and you are guarenteed to find pieces that suit your style and personality. Create an affordable style that is unique for you. 

Carti x