How To Layer Your Necklaces

Layering necklaces is one of the biggest jewellery trends right now. It allows you to personalise your style and mix and match metals to create a unique and dynamic look.

We know layering necklaces can be abit of a hit and miss, so follow our guide below on how to layer your necklaces for the ultimate layering style.

Step one:

Start to dress your neckline with a choker or collar length necklace; this is usually 15 or 16 inches in length and will be the foundation of your necklace layering.  We recommend you choose a thicker chain to wear here as it will sit at the base of your neck and thick chains are flattering and more comfortable here.

Step two:

Your second choice of necklace should be longer than your first and its is up to you which length you choose, although CartiCo London suggest you choose a necklace at least 1 inch longer than your first and of a different style of chain. This will allow you room to show off a pendant or name necklace, which will be more visible if it is longer. Why not personalise your look and choose our popular Classic Name Necklace or add some Middle Eastern charm with our best selling Name Necklace.

Step three:

Add a long necklace here, choose from midi length, a lariat or long necklace to accentuate and complete the look.